Stop the Tea Complot!


I’ve got to come clean about something, I hate coffee. There, I said it, I HATE COFFEE! I don’t like the taste, it’s too strong. Whenever I drink coffee I need to have it with a bunch of cream, milk or sugar. When you are in college this is a very unpopular opinion, because everyone seems to think they run on caffeine. So when you say you don’t like coffee they feel insulted, they take it personal. But there seems to be something even worse than being anti-coffee which is being a tea lover. People seem to hate tea for some reason. “Why would you drink tea? Are you British?” Do I need to be British to like tea? Why do people get so upset when you say you like tea? Do they relate it to the Boston Tea Party? I don’t get it.

I just wanted to bring attention to this, since people have been personally victimized for hating coffee and loving tea. People should be aware this kind of bullying and discrimination exists; I can’t live in a world where I’ll be discriminated for what I like to drink. THIS IS NOT FAIR! So I’m here, making a stand for all the tea drinkers in the world, we should unite and tell everyone we will not tolerate their coffee influenced opinions.

So if you like tea I propose a lovely tea party with pastries and macaroons to discuss the issue and do something about it. 

Tea drinkers, UNITE!



How to Deal With Being Your Wonderful Self


Most of us have a problem with being ourselves because we tend to be too awesome to handle. Today I received the ugly looks because I dressed up to go to college as I would dress up to go to a New York’s fashion week brunch. People apparently thought it was too much, but as Beyonce would say, I looked flawless, so I didn’t mind. People who tend to have a problem with you because of things like that are the kind of people who just can’t handle so much awesomeness.  So do yourself a favor and do whatever you want and be your wonderful self. Remember haters gonna hate, and no one can rain on your parade.

I’ll leave you with a tweet from the wonderful photographer Brad Walsh

“Thirty years from now you’ll wish you had the body you have right now, which is excuse enough to wear whatever the hell you want today.”

Adios amigos, be happy!

A Crucial Decision When it Comes to Letting Go of Your Past

When you are in high school it is almost inevitable to be bullied. No matter what you do, not everyone is going to like you. They’ll hate you for being pretty or ugly, smart or dumb, athletic or lazy. It doesn’t matter what you do people are always going to find a way to point out your flaws and take advantage of this.

This will happen all through your life, but it is never going to be as terrible as it was during high school. When you are around 15-19 people have a way to get to you by pointing out all your imperfections. When you are older you develop a thicker skin, but those scars are permanent.

A stupid boy had the courtesy of reminding me of a nickname I had in school. It made me feel terrible, I was mad all day after that, and for many days. It had been years since anyone called me that way and I have changed so much since then, but still it hurt me.


After this incident I made a decision.  I erased all of the people I don’t need in my life from facebook, instagram, etc. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life and they don’t need to know how you are. If they still bother to talk shit about you even after years of not seeing you that means they have petty lives and are still as pathetic as they were in high school. Seriously they should have found something better to do with their lives at this point.

So here’s my recommendation. Get rid of all the people who caused you trouble in the past, you don’t need them. Every time you’ll get better and they’ll find a way to bring you down, so the best thing to do is say good bye and never give them the satisfaction of talking trash about you again.


The Gaston Effect


Here in town there only she, who is beautiful as me

We all know Gaston, Beauty and the Beast’s movie hunk. He is tall, handsome, has amazing hair and a jaw line to kill for. But what makes Gaston so attractive? Is it his sexy voice? His arms? Definitely, it is the incredible amount of confidence he has. He walks around town like he is the hottest piece of meat around, and he is so confident about him that you start to believe he is the best. You actually start to think that Gaston is hot when he talks so much about how hot he is. And that amazing song he sings? That’s the best song ever.

In real life we tend to hate those kinds of guys. The kind of guy that walks around thinking no one deserves him, but the truth is they always seem to catch your eye. Just like Gaston they make you believe they’re special. After all, if they think they are so cool, maybe they know something we don’t. When they say confidence is key, they are right. Confidence makes a guy look instantly hotter. I’d rather deal with an overconfident guy than with one that underestimates himself.

So now you know guys, we can learn a lot from Gaston.

Life Inside a Simulated World

I was thinking in class: could we ever simulate our own world? As a programmer, I really enjoy the thought of creating worlds. Each time you run a binary, the computer assigns part of its memory and created a tiny little world with a specific mission. But what if we could recreate reality? Maybe we could use millions of yotabytes to accurately represent a house with every detail. Air, materials, physics, and whatnot could be included. Every single aspect you would see in real life. Maybe we can achieve such detail that if you were connected with a special pair of goggles and had special effects in your room, you would actually doubt whether it is real or not. However that’s not my main interest. What I’m really looking for is to simulate society. Maybe we could throw in users Matrix-style and make them live inside the simulated world. We would give them enough space and virtual resources to live. Of course, they would need to eat in the simulation in order to be nourished in real life (somehow). If we (I’m volunteering) don’t eat inside, we don’t get fed outside. If we starve inside, we starve outside. Let’s say we manage to gather 500 people and throw them in. We, the users, will be assigned virtual strengths. Maybe magic. Who knows. What would happen with us? By the way, it should be evident, but death inside is death outside. Now I think I’ve set the panorama. Here goes what interests me the most: would we create a society from scratch? No one said everyone would speak the same language. No one stated age restrictions. Just 500 humans inside a virtual world. Maybe someone would step up and enforce laws. Maybe we would go berserk and terminate each other. We can’t know till we try. I believe that we would quickly form governments. What do you think that would happen inside the simulation? 

Overcoming Fear to Help Save a Life


Yesterday I had an amazing experience. My university campus hosted a blood donation center for the Red Cross, and I decided I wanted to be a blood donor. When I was really young I was in a car accident and the Red Cross saved my life, so I wanted to give back and help with the great work they do. 

You have no idea how much of a baby I am. I’m scared of needles, any kind of needle, I hate them. I told my mom I wanted to be a donor and the first thing she said is “You’re probably going to faint when you see the huge needle they’ll be using to pump out the blood.” I decided to make some research about donating blood, and it was comforting, most people say it doesn’t hurt at all. Still I was scared as hell to do it.

The day came and I was nervous the whole morning. I was hungry since you need at least 6 hours of fasting, but I was ready. I even asked a friend to go with me so he could babysit me and hold my hand because, again, I’m a coward.  I arrived to the donation center, and after filling out a few forms, a few temperature and blood pressure tests I was ready to do it. I lied down in the cot they had and “relaxed” as much as I could. The nurse told me it would take about ten minutes to fill the bag with blood so I should relax. She told me she would proceed to insert the needle so I decided to take a look. That wasn’t a needle! It was so damn huge it looked like one of those little straws you use to stir your coffee! She was probably going to leave a huge hole in my arm! I was terrified, so I turned away.

In retrospective I realize the needle wasn’t even that huge, and it didn’t hurt at all when it went right through my vein. After a good 3-4 minutes the nurse came back and told me my bag was almost full, she told me the blood had left my body way to quickly and I was probably going to faint. That’s exactly what happened, but when I woke up I was pretty happy.

They gave a speech of how my blood would help save 4 people’s lives. I have a very common blood type (O+) so they need a lot of my type of blood.  I was really happy I could help and I’m looking forward to doing it again. I think donating blood is a great gift. You give a part of yourself to help someone in need. It is a selfless act that makes you feel really proud of yourself.

I encourage all the healthy people to be a part of the blood donation campaigns; you never know when someone you love might need it. And coming from the biggest baby alive, I can tell you it doesn’t hurt one bit.

You can visit the Red Cross website to see the requirements and find a donation center near you.


What I Have Learned About The Conflict In The Middle East

Over the past years I have learned a lot about the history and circumstances in the Middle East, specially the conflict between Israel and Palestine. I know a lot about the foundation of Israel, and who supported it. I know who Israel’s allies are, and how they are going to defend them. I know about the involvement the United Nations had in the creation of the State of Israel. I know a lot, believe me. I know how people in Palestine live; I know how many casualties they’ve had in the last months. I know how many families have been destroyed and how many children have been murdered. I know how much they’ve struggled over the years, and knowing all of this I know that I’m on Palestine’s side.

What I didn’t know is how this conflict could affect me. I am not Jewish, I am not Muslim, and I don’t even live in the Middle East. The problem is I liked a Jewish boy.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about The Eighth Sin, and what I thought it should be. I said that, for me, the eighth sin would be intolerance, and I still believe it is. I never knew how big of a fight I could get into by being on Palestine’s side, but I wouldn’t be in anyone else’s. I read the newspaper everyday and cry, because this conflict really gets to me. Every single time I see one of the pictures it makes me so angry I want to scream.

So a few weeks ago the inevitable happened, the boy I liked asked me what I thought about the Israel- Palestine conflict, and I couldn’t lie, I said I was on Palestine’s side. This led to a huge fight in which we both expressed our points of view. I’ve got to say that his arguments didn’t convince me at all, and I think my arguments didn’t convince him either. When it comes to these controversial discussions we tend to pick a side and no one can convince us to change our mind. I know no one can change mine.

I will not change my opinion about this matter, even if it costs me a beautiful friendship, but I did everything I could. I told my crush I could tolerate his beliefs as long as he wouldn’t try to change mine, but he said he couldn’t tolerate my point of view. The most important thing I learned about this conflict is that I shouldn’t talk about it with people I know will be against what I think. This is something I will avoid talking about, just like political and religious issues, my position respecting abortion or bullfights, what I think about vegetarians and many other things. These themes are only for secure and tolerant audiences, and should be kept to oneself otherwise.

I’ve learned a lot about the Israel- Palestine conflict, but I have yet to learn a lot about people.

Never Underestimate the Importance of a Good Fake Boyfriend


We’ve all been there, facing a situation in which we really need a fake boyfriend, but we don’t have one. We tend to underestimate the importance of having a fake boyfriend, but this week I realized I really need one. Why do I need one? Because I’m a coward, that’s why. 

I realized I am incapable of saying ‘no’ to a date invitation. I know the best thing I could do is be honest and straightforwardly say “I’m sorry, you’re a nice guy, but I don’t want to go on a date with you.” If I could only say those words things would be so much easier for me and for the guy who made the invitation, but I can’t, so I pretend to have a boyfriend.

Having a fake boyfriend is harder than you may think, he needs many requirements. He needs to go to college, be older than you (but not much older), be handsome, successful, kind, respectful, have many things in common with you, and most importantly, it should be someone you know and is willing to fake being your boyfriend if needed. 

I know pretending to date someone is wrong, but sometimes it’s easier than rejecting another person. After all, they are people and have feelings. If you are lucky enough he’ll actually believe your boyfriend story and leave you alone. If he doesn’t believe you, you are left with no choice but saying the truth. 

Rejecting someone is hard, but sometimes the hardest thing and right thing are the same. 

A Refreshing Twist in Male-Dominated Country Music

I have a new favorite song.  I gotta say I love country music. If you saw me on the street singing you’d think I’m from the heart of Nashville when I’m really from Mexico City. I don’t know why I love country music so much, maybe for its resemblance to regional mexican music.

Country music today has become very male-dominated. There is a simple formula to make a hit country song. You need: trucks, beer, dirt roads, a pretty girl and a great guitar solo. Add a reference to guns to make it extra special and don’t forget to mention Jesus.

Yes, it sounds crazy that I like this when I’m a liberal law student from a cosmopolitan city, who has never owned guns or pickup trucks. The problem is I’ve become numb to this formula. I don’t even realize essentially every song is about the same thing with the quintessential country girl. Of course this girl doesn’t have a name. She is referred to by her bikini top, tight jeans, “money-maker,” sun-tanned legs or by the alcoholic beverages she delivers to the man in the truck. Pick any country song and you’ll see I’m right. For example this lovely song by Florida Georgia Line:

“Yeah, when I first saw that bikini top on her

She’s poppin’ right out of the South Georgia water

Thought, “Oh, good lord, she had them long tanned legs!”

Couldn’t help myself so I walked up and said

Baby you a song! You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise”

This was the image portrayed of a country song girl, until now. Finally, some women have the nerve to stand up to this via their own country song. They are vocal duo Maddie and Tae, their new song and video, “Girl in a Country Song,” points out that the way most new country songs depict women is demeaning. I wish the men of country music, would remember who they are objectifying with every song they sing. Maybe it’s not that each of these songs is bad by itself, but taken as a whole, this is what country music has become, so it was refreshing to hear a song that criticizes this way of depicting women.

Do yourself a favor and go listen the song here. I guarantee you’ll love it, and the video is hilarious. I’ll leave the lyrics here as well.

“Girl In A Country Song”

 Well I wish I had some shoes on my two bare feet

And it’s gettin’ kinda cold in these painted on cut off jeans

I hate the way this bikini top chafes

Do I really have to wear it all day? (Yeah baby)

I hear you over there on your tailgate whistlin’

Sayin’, “Hey girl”

But you know I ain’t listenin’

Cause I got a name

And to you it ain’t “pretty little thing”, “honey” or “baby”

Yeah it’s drivin’ me red-red-red-red-red-red-red neck crazy


Bein’ the girl in a country song

How in the world did it go so wrong?

Like all we’re good for

Is looking good for you and your friends on the weekend

Nothing more

We used to get a little respect

Now we’re lucky if we even get

To climb up in your truck, keep my mouth shut and ride along

And be the girl in a country song

Well shakin’ my moneymaker ain’t ever made me a dime

And there ain’t no sugar for you in this shaker of mine

Tell me one more time, “you gotta get you some of that”

Sure I’ll slide on over, but you’re gonna get slapped (Hah!)

These days it ain’t easy being that


Girl in a country song

How in the world did it go so wrong?

Like all we’re good for

Is looking good for you and your friends on the weekend

Nothing more

We used to get a little respect

Now we’re lucky if we even get

To climb up in your truck, keep my mouth shut and ride along

And be the girl in a country song (Yeah, yeah baby)

Aww no, Conway and George Strait

Never did it this way

Back in the old days

Aww y’all, we ain’t a cliche

That ain’t no way To treat a lady


Like a girl in a country song

How in the world did it go so wrong?

Like all we’re good for

Is looking good for you and your friends on the weekend

Nothing more

We used to get a little respect

Now we’re lucky if we even get

To climb up in your truck, keep my mouth shut and ride along

Down some old dirt road we don’t even wanna be on

And be the girl in the country song