Suck It Up In Order To Get What You Want


This week was probably one of the best weeks I’ve had, and definitely the best one since my semester started. This semester I’ve been lucky enough to meet incredibly handsome guys. But just like every other confident girl I have a soft spot, and it is talking to guys I like.

I saw my crush in the library, he was sitting so close to me and I really wanted him to notice I was there. Just like every girl I was about to start doing something pathetic in order to get noticed, but instead I took the high road. I decided I didn’t need to do things to make him turn towards me; I could just go right to him and say “Hi”. That was exactly what I did, and it resulted in an hour long conversation and a breakfast invitation.

We sometimes tend to do stupid things t get what we want, when our life would be so much easier if we had the courage to do things right. Talking to the guys you like is scary, I know. But when you suck it up and talk to them things are so much easier. I decided confidence is an all around thing; I don’t wanna be confident in only a few aspects. I want to be a totally confident person, so the next time I want to do something scary I’ll remember I need to suck it up and do what will be better for me.


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