The Importance of Looking Flawless


If you knew me you would know I am a lazy person when it comes to putting myself together. I don’t like using makeup that much, I hate getting a hairdo every day, I barely comb my hair. I am a sweat pants and t-shirt enthusiast and I could wear them every day. But sometimes you need to put beauty over comfort. I know it sounds terrible, a skirt instead of sweatpants? You kidding me guuurl? But yesterday I realized how important it is for me to do it at times.

I looked my best to go to college, it wasn’t really my purpose to go well dressed, but I had a dinner party afterwards and I didn’t have time to go change. I wore a dress with leggings and a pair of high heel boots. I looked great. Who am I kidding? I looked fucking FLAWLESS. Beyonce would’ve been proud of me, she would’ve been jealous even. I felt like a goddess. I got so many compliments my self esteem and ego almost exploded. And you know what? We sometimes need that.


Your friends will always tell you how pretty you look. The guys who like you will say it to. And your mom, well you get tired of hearing her say how awesome you are. But there are some friends and classmates that will never tell you how good you look, except when you really deserve it. Those are the best compliments you can get, the ones from people that never compliment you. And when you get all dolled up for no special reason you receive a bunch of compliments.

Even if people don’t say it, you see them turn their heads in the hallways and smile at you, you see them looking at you from across the classroom, and you feel awesome.

So whenever you’re feeling down, grab some nice clothes and some makeup and be fierce. Walk with confidence, smile, give sexy looks as if they were presents.You’ll feel much better after a few compliments. Looking good isn’t only about looking pretty, it is about believing you are awesome and letting the world know you are.


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