The NFL Made Me Proud

I absolutely love football, it is my favorite sport and I never miss a game. I am a hardcore Patriots fan and I am proud of the decision made regarding Ray Rice today. I’m glad the Ravens cut him loose and that the NFL suspended him indefinitely. 

Domestic violence, or any kind of violence is unacceptable. Football is a very tough sport and there has always been a history of violent players, but the NFL should never encourage aggressive conducts. I think making an example out of Ray Rice is the right thing to do. Players should know that violence has no place in an institution like the NFL and that aggressors do not have a place in a sports team. They should set a precedent and let know that anyone can be punished if they do something like this. 

Violence should never be permitted or encouraged. 

I congratulate the Baltimore Ravens and  the NFL. They made the right decision.


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