I Won’t Compare Myself to You, Because You Would Clearly Lose


I just wanted to come here and tell you I hate people who are constantly trying to make comparisons between them and me. I never compare myself to others, I only compare myself with the goals I’ve set for myself, and I think everyone should do the same.


I hate comparisons because I’m awesome and I don’t need anyone to tell me someone is better than me at something. I don’t resemble her, or her, or her, or anyone. I’m one of a kind and so is everyone else. So shine my friends and forget comparisons. Only jealous people try to compare to you.


Songs of the Week / September 15

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t enjoy music. I am a music freak myself, I like a little bit of everything. I can’t really say I hate a particular type of music, I thing all types have good and bad songs. Or not necessarily good or bad songs, just songs I enjoy more than others.

I’ll try to post the songs I’ve been obsessing over every week. This are the ones for this one.

Out of my League- Fitz and the Tantrums

Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts – Arctic Monkeys

One Last Time- Ariana Grande

Me and my Broken Heart – Rixton

Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know – Britney Spears

Bailando- Enrique Iglesias

If you enjoy the songs, let me know and leave a comment with the songs you’ve been obsessing with.

Suck It Up In Order To Get What You Want


This week was probably one of the best weeks I’ve had, and definitely the best one since my semester started. This semester I’ve been lucky enough to meet incredibly handsome guys. But just like every other confident girl I have a soft spot, and it is talking to guys I like.

I saw my crush in the library, he was sitting so close to me and I really wanted him to notice I was there. Just like every girl I was about to start doing something pathetic in order to get noticed, but instead I took the high road. I decided I didn’t need to do things to make him turn towards me; I could just go right to him and say “Hi”. That was exactly what I did, and it resulted in an hour long conversation and a breakfast invitation.

We sometimes tend to do stupid things t get what we want, when our life would be so much easier if we had the courage to do things right. Talking to the guys you like is scary, I know. But when you suck it up and talk to them things are so much easier. I decided confidence is an all around thing; I don’t wanna be confident in only a few aspects. I want to be a totally confident person, so the next time I want to do something scary I’ll remember I need to suck it up and do what will be better for me.

The Importance of Looking Flawless


If you knew me you would know I am a lazy person when it comes to putting myself together. I don’t like using makeup that much, I hate getting a hairdo every day, I barely comb my hair. I am a sweat pants and t-shirt enthusiast and I could wear them every day. But sometimes you need to put beauty over comfort. I know it sounds terrible, a skirt instead of sweatpants? You kidding me guuurl? But yesterday I realized how important it is for me to do it at times.

I looked my best to go to college, it wasn’t really my purpose to go well dressed, but I had a dinner party afterwards and I didn’t have time to go change. I wore a dress with leggings and a pair of high heel boots. I looked great. Who am I kidding? I looked fucking FLAWLESS. Beyonce would’ve been proud of me, she would’ve been jealous even. I felt like a goddess. I got so many compliments my self esteem and ego almost exploded. And you know what? We sometimes need that.


Your friends will always tell you how pretty you look. The guys who like you will say it to. And your mom, well you get tired of hearing her say how awesome you are. But there are some friends and classmates that will never tell you how good you look, except when you really deserve it. Those are the best compliments you can get, the ones from people that never compliment you. And when you get all dolled up for no special reason you receive a bunch of compliments.

Even if people don’t say it, you see them turn their heads in the hallways and smile at you, you see them looking at you from across the classroom, and you feel awesome.

So whenever you’re feeling down, grab some nice clothes and some makeup and be fierce. Walk with confidence, smile, give sexy looks as if they were presents.You’ll feel much better after a few compliments. Looking good isn’t only about looking pretty, it is about believing you are awesome and letting the world know you are.

The NFL Made Me Proud

I absolutely love football, it is my favorite sport and I never miss a game. I am a hardcore Patriots fan and I am proud of the decision made regarding Ray Rice today. I’m glad the Ravens cut him loose and that the NFL suspended him indefinitely. 

Domestic violence, or any kind of violence is unacceptable. Football is a very tough sport and there has always been a history of violent players, but the NFL should never encourage aggressive conducts. I think making an example out of Ray Rice is the right thing to do. Players should know that violence has no place in an institution like the NFL and that aggressors do not have a place in a sports team. They should set a precedent and let know that anyone can be punished if they do something like this. 

Violence should never be permitted or encouraged. 

I congratulate the Baltimore Ravens and  the NFL. They made the right decision.

Stop the Tea Complot!


I’ve got to come clean about something, I hate coffee. There, I said it, I HATE COFFEE! I don’t like the taste, it’s too strong. Whenever I drink coffee I need to have it with a bunch of cream, milk or sugar. When you are in college this is a very unpopular opinion, because everyone seems to think they run on caffeine. So when you say you don’t like coffee they feel insulted, they take it personal. But there seems to be something even worse than being anti-coffee which is being a tea lover. People seem to hate tea for some reason. “Why would you drink tea? Are you British?” Do I need to be British to like tea? Why do people get so upset when you say you like tea? Do they relate it to the Boston Tea Party? I don’t get it.

I just wanted to bring attention to this, since people have been personally victimized for hating coffee and loving tea. People should be aware this kind of bullying and discrimination exists; I can’t live in a world where I’ll be discriminated for what I like to drink. THIS IS NOT FAIR! So I’m here, making a stand for all the tea drinkers in the world, we should unite and tell everyone we will not tolerate their coffee influenced opinions.

So if you like tea I propose a lovely tea party with pastries and macaroons to discuss the issue and do something about it. 

Tea drinkers, UNITE!


How to Deal With Being Your Wonderful Self


Most of us have a problem with being ourselves because we tend to be too awesome to handle. Today I received the ugly looks because I dressed up to go to college as I would dress up to go to a New York’s fashion week brunch. People apparently thought it was too much, but as Beyonce would say, I looked flawless, so I didn’t mind. People who tend to have a problem with you because of things like that are the kind of people who just can’t handle so much awesomeness.  So do yourself a favor and do whatever you want and be your wonderful self. Remember haters gonna hate, and no one can rain on your parade.

I’ll leave you with a tweet from the wonderful photographer Brad Walsh

“Thirty years from now you’ll wish you had the body you have right now, which is excuse enough to wear whatever the hell you want today.”

Adios amigos, be happy!