A Crucial Decision When it Comes to Letting Go of Your Past

When you are in high school it is almost inevitable to be bullied. No matter what you do, not everyone is going to like you. They’ll hate you for being pretty or ugly, smart or dumb, athletic or lazy. It doesn’t matter what you do people are always going to find a way to point out your flaws and take advantage of this.

This will happen all through your life, but it is never going to be as terrible as it was during high school. When you are around 15-19 people have a way to get to you by pointing out all your imperfections. When you are older you develop a thicker skin, but those scars are permanent.

A stupid boy had the courtesy of reminding me of a nickname I had in school. It made me feel terrible, I was mad all day after that, and for many days. It had been years since anyone called me that way and I have changed so much since then, but still it hurt me.


After this incident I made a decision.  I erased all of the people I don’t need in my life from facebook, instagram, etc. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life and they don’t need to know how you are. If they still bother to talk shit about you even after years of not seeing you that means they have petty lives and are still as pathetic as they were in high school. Seriously they should have found something better to do with their lives at this point.

So here’s my recommendation. Get rid of all the people who caused you trouble in the past, you don’t need them. Every time you’ll get better and they’ll find a way to bring you down, so the best thing to do is say good bye and never give them the satisfaction of talking trash about you again.



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