The Gaston Effect


Here in town there only she, who is beautiful as me

We all know Gaston, Beauty and the Beast’s movie hunk. He is tall, handsome, has amazing hair and a jaw line to kill for. But what makes Gaston so attractive? Is it his sexy voice? His arms? Definitely, it is the incredible amount of confidence he has. He walks around town like he is the hottest piece of meat around, and he is so confident about him that you start to believe he is the best. You actually start to think that Gaston is hot when he talks so much about how hot he is. And that amazing song he sings? That’s the best song ever.

In real life we tend to hate those kinds of guys. The kind of guy that walks around thinking no one deserves him, but the truth is they always seem to catch your eye. Just like Gaston they make you believe they’re special. After all, if they think they are so cool, maybe they know something we don’t. When they say confidence is key, they are right. Confidence makes a guy look instantly hotter. I’d rather deal with an overconfident guy than with one that underestimates himself.

So now you know guys, we can learn a lot from Gaston.


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